Our company values

Pleasure in work, achievement and success

At BAUR we work hand in hand to achieve our common goals. Our values, which have evolved in the company over decades, form the basis of this teamwork. These values describe how we speak to and treat each other on a daily basis, how we service our customers and how we act within and outside the organisation. We trust in these core values.


We achieve top performance by cooperating with one another.

Our cross-linked thinking not only reaches beyond our own work space but also far beyond our own company. BAUR thinks globally and enjoys a high level of trust from customers and partners, as well as among experts in the professional world. Each employee is committed to continuously strengthening close relationships within and outside the company. This makes BAUR more than just a supplier of devices. We are part of the system which we work for. This enables us to create unique quality, proximity to customers and a great service culture.


We draw on our experiences and create reliable solutions.

Our customers require reliable devices and systems with state-of-the-art technology to be able to manage their tasks in a safe and efficient manner. We deliver lasting benefits and move forward step-by-step with healthy ambition. We draw strength and take heart from the over 60 years of experience we have as a family business. We trust in our roots and core values.


We seize new opportunities in a purposeful manner. That is our motivation.

The working environment develops in a dynamic manner, both for our customers as well as for us. We approach new things with an open mind, in a structured and bold manner. Our vision and forward-looking approach drive our personal development and that of the company. Together with customers, colleagues and partners, we develop extraordinary solutions, reaching beyond cultural boundaries and system limitations.


By providing precise statements, we facilitate professionalism and reliable results.

The complex tasks of our trade require professional action with the appropriate tools. The holistic approach and expertise of our employees makes it possible to provide solutions that precisely meet the stipulated requirements. Thus, BAUR delivers unique results with outstanding precision, which in turn make reliable statements possible.