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What are the advantages of a traineeship?

  • The dual training allows you to implement what you have learned and apply it in practice very quickly.
  • The constant switch between work and college makes your daily routine exciting and interesting. You will learn about the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills for your work.
  • This facilitates faster entry into your profession and the associated financial independence.
  • Practical experience is an advantage for any future advanced training (vocational colleges, degree courses).
  • You can also sign up for the traineeship with a general school leaver’s certificate.

Which high school leaver’s certificate do I need?

Minimum 9 years’ compulsory schooling with good results

What skills and interests should I have?

  • Interest in working with electronic components
  • Craftsmanship, staying power, abstract thinking
  • Enthusiasm for physics and mathematics
  • Willingness to learn, punctuality, clean and conscientious work

Is a specific level of average grades required?

For German, Mathematics, Physics and - if available - English, you should have an equivalent grade average of “Good”.

What is the apprentice salary?

The compensation has been regulated by the wage agreement for workers/employees for the metal industry.

Electronics engineer

  • 1st year of apprenticeship: 549.14 EUR
  • 2nd year of apprenticeship: 736.35 EUR
  • 3rd year of apprenticeship: 990.74 EUR
  • 4th yar of apprenticeship: 1,330.97 EUR

Industrial sales representative

  • 1st year of apprenticeship: 500.59 EUR
  • 2nd year of apprenticeship: 690.51 EUR
  • 3rd year of apprenticeship: 856.69 EUR

What happens after the apprenticeship?

Our aim is to continue the employment of the apprentices after their apprenticeship. An important decision criterion here is their performance during the training period and the final apprenticeship examination.

What is expected of me during the traineeship?

  • To show willingness to learn, to work conscientiously, to be punctual and sincere.
  • Ability to work in a team, creativity and healthy ambition.

What can I expect during the traineeship?

In addition to work and learning, we offer a variety of apprentice events (go-cart driving, bowling, visits to companies or technical museums, climbing) or internal and external advanced education opportunities. On the met Facebook page you will find reports of events and apprentice experiences at BAUR.