Everything big begins with something small

From pioneer to world market leader

BAUR looks back at an eventful company history. What began 70 years ago as a small family-owned setup, is one of today’s leading international companies in the area of testing and measurement technology. BAUR counts most of the energy providers in the world among its satisfied customers.

Since 1945, when Josef Baur established the “physical and technical workshops” with three employees in his father’s old embroidery building, passion for technology has been his motivation. 

His extensive experience in radio and broadcasting technology made a big contribution to his young company. He built the first battery radio receiver in Vorarlberg when he was just 14. 

The first customer of the fledgling company was the City of Vienna with its order for a custom-made design for a highly sensitive mine detector.


IRG 300 TIME DOMAIN REFLECTOMETER computer-supported, automatic fault locator


PHG TD cable diagnostics system with 0.1 Hz sine and dissipation factor measurement


DPA fully automatic portable oil tester


STG low voltage system;
BAUR comes out on top in a comparative study of all cable diagnostic systems in Germany


Cable fault location boat, Venice, Italy


PHG TD/PD VLF diagnostics system with tan delta and partial discharge measurement

In the book 45,000 Volts of Enthusiasm you will read more about the history of the Baur Family and the company.